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Heather & Joel’s marriage vows

From Heather: The vows we ended up using were borrowed and altered a little from one of the examples in the workbook. . . .  I just thought they were so simple and beautiful. We wanted something really short and almost melodious that we could remember for years to come.  We had already selected a song that meant a lot to both of us that we wanted to play as the ceremony began titled “All of My Days.” That line is repeated sweetly throughout the lyrics.  So when we read these vows, they matched almost perfectly to the song!  I thought that was a good sign :)

Here is what we ended up using:

I want you to know that I love you,
And I will for the rest of my days.

I vow to trust you and respect you,
Tell the truth and embrace you,
Every day.  All the time.  And always.
I vow to honor and protect you,
Encourage and celebrate you,
Every day.  All the time.  And always.

This is my promise.
To share a lifetime of eternal, immeasurable love.

Without your book, we never would have stumbled across the beautiful framework for these vows, so I am very grateful!

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