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The Buzz for The Marriage Vow Workbook

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Mulkey gives dating advice to divorcees

Details: In an article for MSN's Dating and Personals site, Bruce cautions divorced people from getting into romantic relationships too soon, saying, “Out of your loneliness or low self-esteem, it’s easy to want to fill the emptiness or to try to feel better by jumping into bed with someone new. I suggest that you avoid this at all costs."

Lavender & Mulkey interviewed on WGVC radio

Details: Shonnie and Bruce join show host, Karen Ross to talk about the state of marriage and The Marriage Vow Workbook. Excerpts of the show will be available via the I Do! I Do! blog in April.

Simple Living interviews marriage expertsLavender & Mulkey appear on national T.V.
on "Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska"

Details: "'Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska' offers thoughtful ideas to inspire each of us to make adjustments to possession-cluttered, time-starved lives." This PBS show airs across the US. Shonnie Lavender & Bruce Mulkey are the featured marriage experts on the "Simple Weddings" episode which premiered in January 2007 and reruns in April. To find out when your local PBS station broadcasts the show, click here.

four star reviewReviewer sings praises of The Marriage Vow Workbook
". . . charming, practical manual"

Blurb: "I Do! I Do! is meant as a guide for the perplexed intended. It not only affirms the value of composing your own vows, it gives positive, simple, practical suggestions for how to accomplish this," writes reviewer Barbara Bamberger Scott.

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five star reviewMidwest Book Review Calls The Marriage Vow Workbook
"The perfect planning guide"

Blurb: "The collaborative effort of co-authors Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey, I Do! I Do!: The Marriage Vow Workbook is a step-by-step "how to" resource for couples seeking to create their own distinctive and memorable wedding vows that will be unique and appropriate to them. This easy to follow, fill-in-the-blank, methodical workbook is the perfect planning guide to creating vows that will inspire and sustain the marriage long after the ceremony is done and committed to the yesteryear memory of the bride and groom. If you are planning a wedding for yourself or a loved one, then begin with Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey's superbly presented marriage vows workbook I Do! I Do!"

Sept. 26, 2006: "Feelings of the heart: You don’t have to be a professional to write your own wedding vows"
by Susan Reinhardt

Excerpt: "After meeting through mutual interests and falling in love, Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey of Asheville wanted to do things differently. It seemed befitting, since their union was not your typical boy-meets-girl scenario. Theirs was a match that danced to the pluck of a different harp. Mulkey was two marriages to the wind. And nearly 30 years older than his bride-to-be....They married on May 30, 1999, reading from the vows they crafted themselves.

Both wanted to help others do the same, and say one doesn't have to be a professional writer to put feelings and heart on papers. They put our commitments to each other up on the walls long before deciding to write their vows. Lavender and Mulkey believe vows aren't just words a minister utters in order to get on with the process. If one pays close attention, vows can be a lifetime blueprint for a couple's joy."

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Recommendation for The Marriage Vow Workbook on The Asheville Daily Planet

Sept. 6, 2006: "Work of love? It requires initial attraction, perpetual attention"
by Marc Mullinax

Excerpt: "I have a book to recommend. Asheville residents Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey (who are married to each other) have just published a book entitled, "I Do! I Do! The Marriage Vow Workbook." But it's a book that is not so much about wedding vows but about life-promises to oneself and one's lover.

I like this book because it is a practical reminder to listen. Listen to one's own life, and then get your self out of the fricking way to listen to your lover's life."

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Human Rights Campaign Religion

August 29, 2006 Religion & Faith News: New Resource on Marriage Vows

Blurb: "Check out Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey's I Do! I Do! The Marriage Vow Workbook. This guide offers a step-by-step resource for couples who want to write unique, eloquent and inspiring wedding vows. The authors have consciously aimed to live up to their vision that all of us are children of God - and thus have created a book inclusive of GLBT people."

Equal Rights Washington features The Marriage Vow Workbook

September newsletter: Marriage Vows that Wow

Excerpt: "I Do! I Do! The Marriage Vow Workbook, by Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey, offers a step-by-step resource for couples who want to write one-of-a-kind, moving and inspirational wedding vows."

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