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Past Classes

Listening for Love: An Introduction to Effective Listening for Couples

  Do you want to communicate better with your partner?
  Do you want more intimacy in your relationship?
  Do you want to hear what your mate is really saying?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, join us for this powerful and practical class when you will learn:
Why effective listening is vital to a healthy relationship
The crucial differences between "hearing" and "listening"
Some of the barriers that prevent you from hearing what's really being said
Listening for Love: An Introduction to Effective Listening is a 55-minute introductory class for couples who want to communicate more effectively. We focus on effective listening, one of the most important, yet most neglected, of our communication skills.
Some of the benefits couples who particpate can expect are:
Increased intimacy
Greater awareness about your own strengths and challenges as a listener
More openness toward hearing "positive" or "negative" feedback
This class is open to all couples (married or dating, heterosexual or homosexual, older or younger, currently struggling or currently satisfied). You are also welcome to join us if you're not currently in a relationship.
The Listening for Love introduction is offered free of charge, provided you register at least 7 days before your class date. All calls are recorded and by registering you agree to the recording of the call.

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